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Keywords are very important, not just for bloggers, but for marketers, YouTubers, just about anyone that has their content online and want it to go viral. I’ll be talking about why keyword research’s important, if you are just starting out in any internet business, and you think keywords are over-hyped, you need to rid yourself of that thought. Keywords can either introduce you to all the people you want to be introduced to, pushing you to the spotlight, or a lack of proper keywords could keep you in the outer-darkness (and that is not a cliche).



Keywords are the phrases and words internet users enter into the search box of a search engine to find websites that have answers to their questions, or solutions to whatever it is they are looking for. Some keywords get millions of searches daily (especially in the gossip niche or when something new begins to trend), some hundreds of thousands of daily searches and thousands, and hundreds.

The process of finding a perfect keyword for your content is called a “Keyword Research”. You don’t just create a content, give it any name you like, and put it online (or at least no bloggers that wants to become an authority in their niche does that). The topic of your content has to be strategic so that when people make a search related to what you have written, they can find your site. There’s an “how to” select keywords when creating your content. 

Why Keyword Research’s Important.

 It Generates “Targeted” Traffic

Keywords bring you the kind of traffic that you want. It brings deliberate visitors to your site, visitors that want to be there, because they made a search for something, and the search engine listed your site among the sites that have information about what they are searching for.

Everyone who has their content online wants it to be seen, and seen by as many people as possible, but the best group of people you can have see your content are those who are interested in what you have written, who are interested in the information on your website, and those are the people who make searches.

It Boosts Site Rank

Keywords is one of the SEO strategies that helps in boosting a site ranks, once you know how to use it properly. In boosting a site rank, you have to use keywords with low competition. Ranking for keywords with high competition is very difficult as all the authority sites have occupied the 1st few pages in SERP’s, but if you go for keywords with lower competition, you can rank more easily.

Strategic keywords let you rank for something. Doing a proper keyword research is at the heart of a successful internet marketing campaign.










Absolutely right Deniafe. By using effective keyword research tools, you can determine a popular (profitable niche), find related markets, position yourself well in search engines for specific topics to attract traffic to your site and promote your products and/or services by improving your marketing effectiveness. 

Your goal in ranking in search engines is to direct organic traffic to your site from the search engine results pages (SERPs), and the keywords you choose to target determine what type of traffic you are going to get to your site.

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    Thanks GeeEss. I have a witness.

    Nov 15.2018 | 06:42 pm


In my experience, keyword research is extremely important for our blog content because without using a keyword tool for locating the right keywords is gonna lead us down the path to no Google rankings and traffic = R.I.P online business.

At the moment, I’m getting bewteen 150 –  200 organic vistors per day from Google landing on my blog post reviews and topical posts. And it’s all thanks to a super neat keyword tool called Jaaxy. Not only does it make the keyword research process a piece of cake but it helps us to locate those highly-targeted long-tail keywords for rankings, traffic, and sales.

Thanks for the insights, and just out of interest, what keyword tool are you currently using for your content and why?


Nov 15.2018 | 05:59 pm


    Hi Neil. It’s very good to know that you have that amount of daily organic traffic.

    You are another witness that Jaaxy is indeed an amazing keyword research tool, and functions even beyond that capacity.

    I use Jaaxy too. Who wants to be left behind?

    Nov 15.2018 | 06:45 pm

julienne murekatete

Thank you for sharing this informative post about keyword research importance.At the beginning of website building i passed through the training and keyword research was one of the most complicated topic i have ever seen through the training.A website without keyword can’t get rank by search engines that is why it is very important to search words which internet users type when looking for information they need before choosing a website name and even while writing content to the website.

Nov 15.2018 | 06:00 pm


    Yeah, very correct Julienne. I do hope  that you have been able to scale through and understand keyword research. If I may ask, what keyword research tool do you presently use?

    Nov 15.2018 | 06:47 pm


Thanks for your interesting article. As someone new to internet marketing, I am learning about keywords and how hard it is to find the right ones that the search engines will recognize.  I thing your site is very helpful to anyone who is trying to find a presence on the internet.

Nov 15.2018 | 06:03 pm


    Thank you Carolyn. It gladdens my heart to know that you find this article helpful, and that others might find it helpful too.

    Nov 15.2018 | 06:48 pm

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