I remember when I first heard the term SEO. My sister was having a conversation with her colleagues, this was many years back, and they kept mentioning SEO in their conversation, later on, I asked her; what is SEO? Why is it so important? Let’s just say that the explanation she gave me then nearly collapsed my IQ. It is either I was simply too simple to understand the words she was using, or she’s not very good at explaining. Anyways, I gathered some resources, spent time at it, practiced it, and now, I can help those who are now in the shoes I have long since pulled off (lol). So in the simplest way I can, I’ll let you know what Is SEO, and the important stuff to note.
So let’s dive in;

What Is SEO?

SEO is actually an acronym word. It stands for

S – Search
 E – Engine
 O – Optimization


SEO is the way webmasters get free traffic to their website from the natural search results on search engines. When you make a search on Google (search engine), you get several pages of results (search results) showing different websites that have answers to your search. When you click on any site, that’s traffic to the webmasters site, and he got it totally free and naturally.

Sounds easy right? Until you realize that there are millions of website out there, and they all want to drive traffic organically, and rank first on SERPs because driving traffic is the major way you can monetize your site, so every webmaster wants their website to rank on the 1st page of google under some keywords, because really, how many people explore search results beyond the 1st page, how much more the 10th page or beyond.

If we were all to depend on waiting for someone to make a search using a keyword you have content about, and hoping that the person will find your site and click on it, we’d all be doomed.

Important Stuff To Note:

In Site Optimization, there are SEO techniques/methods webmasters apply to get their site on the first page of Google search results, or as close to the 1st page as they possibly can.
SEO is divided into 2:
Onsite SEO and
Offsite SEO.
Onsite and Offsite SEO are further split into lots of different techniques to improve site ranking.

So this a summary of what SEO is basically.