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One of the things that newbies at blogging find most difficult to do is picking a niche. You have probably heard it repetitively when it comes to starting a blog to choose your niche; while some people know from the onset what they want to blog about, others spend a lot of time stewing over it because they do not want to make a mistake. I wrote this article to help both categories, if you have chosen your niche already, this will help you confirm your choice or reconsider, and if you haven’t chosen, well, this is how to choose your niche.

Some Things To Note

  • Choosing your niche is not as difficult as some bloggers make it sound.
  • There is no niche that you can’t make money in, some are just more profitable than others are.


A niche is a distinct part of a market that deals with or sells a particular item. A blog niche discusses specific topics.

Why is a Niche Important?

Think of the local market, and how there are different sections for different things to be sold. You agree that it makes things easier, when you want to buy a certain thing, you know what section of the market to go, so it is in the online world.
When you create a niche blog, it makes it easy for your audience to find you. And it also makes it easy for you to create content.

If someone wanted to stay updated about sports, they would follow a sports blog, if they want to be updated about fashion, they would follow a fashion blog. Picking a niche helps you reach targeted audience, and it makes monetizing your website easier. This is why a niche blog is important. It defines what you stand for.

If you decide to just write about and blog about anything, that’s fine, but then what exactly will you be known to blog about?

The good thing about choosing a niche is that you can choose anything you want. You can choose to blog about anything at all, and still make money blogging with it. And anything can be a niche, from food, to sports, to cars, to games, to fashion, career, to religion, to health to weight loss, to music and movies, makeup, skincare, love and relationships, anything at all you want to blog about. But then like I said, some niches are more profitable than others.

“Some people say ‘Sub-niche your niche’, I don’t buy that, I see it as just limiting the horizon of your online business”

For example, I blog about making money online, while some people have settled with talking about one method of monetizing your blog and ways to make money online, I discuss diverse methods, and I’m still sourcing for more methods.

The sports niche is another example, it is a very wide niche, there are various kinds of sports, indoor and outdoor sports. While you can decide to Sub-niche and talk about only 1 sport (maybe football, or volleyball), you can also decide to talk about as much as you can. As long as you can be consistent with it, stay updated on the news and trends, and keep your blog updated..

Better yet, you can wait till you have a team of people working with you (yes, you can get to that point in your online business), and expand your niche to it’s full capacity.

The Lifestyle niche too is very wide, lots of people sub-niche, some decide to talk about travelling, traditions, holiday, faith etc..

How To Choose Your Niche

Before you choose your niche, I want you to put a few factors into consideration. You should choose your niche based on:

Your Interest

So first things first, I want you to make a list of all the things you are interested in, the things you enjoy talking, reading, hearing about, and don’t mind engaging in. Politics, Celebrity Life-style, Kickboxing, Food, Fitness, Health, Finance, Animals, Horoscopes, Love, anything at all you are passionate about. Because in the long run, you are going to be creating content, writing articles, and you don’t want to write about something that will give you headaches or too much problem constructing.

Niche Profitability and Future Trends

Choose a niche and blog about something timeless, something that will forever remain relevant to humans, that also has a role to play in the profitability of the niche. The weight loss niche/ fitness is one niche I know is profitable and keeps trending. Lots of people want to lose weight and keep fit, people are looking for diverse methods to lose extra pounds, always researching information. Fashion too is a very profitable niche, Human will always wear clothes and foot wears, there will always be accessories and wigs and all.



So consider these things, in 10 years, will what I want to blog about still matter? Do a google research on trends, go to Google Trends to make a research about the top 3 or 4 topics on your list.

Monthly and Yearly Searches/ and Competition

The average monthly search of your blog matters a lot. How often do people look for information about what you want to blog about? How much competition is in that niche? What edge do you think you can have to succeed in that niche? Is it life experiences? Or do you have great knowledge about what you want to blog about? What do you know about what you want to blog about? Or how much are you willing to research about it. 

I for example keep a journal, I enjoy travelling and noting things down, observing emotions and traditions for future references. If I were to blog in line with that Interest, I would go for Life-style niche, Write about different people and different cultures and their way of life, and I can easily monetize the blog by- affiliate marketing for hotels in different places and airlines, and restaurants etc- or through Google Adsense and loads of other ways.

There are so many different ways to monetize any niche, so there is no need to be anxious about the niche you pick. But basically those are the things to look out for.


  • Choose a niche that you are passionate about. Something you find easy and interesting to discuss/do.
  • Choose a niche that is timeless. One that will keep trending.
  • Choose a niche that has a sizable amount of monthly search, and not too much competition.


So with these, you should be able to pin down a niche to blog about in 20 minutes or less.

If you still require any help, or have any questions, leave it in the comments section below.








Your right choosing a niche is really not as hard as one would think.  I had trouble though wondering what to write about, but once you get into it and realize you can write about just about anything.  I had to really use the Alphabet Soup method a lot in the beginning to come up with something.

Your niche – what are you passionate about?  Almost every one has a hobby, a sport they like or strong opinions of something, and it’s amazing how many things your can write about your hobby, sport or opinion when you really start looking at it.

Great post, thanks 

Oct 21.2018 | 08:02 pm


    Yeah, you are right, it isn’t so difficult. It’s just that some people are so scared of making a mistake, which I can understand.

    The Alphabet Soup! That’s a wealthy affiliate secret.

    Thank you fr your contribution Letsret.

    Oct 22.2018 | 10:33 am


Hi There,

I really like your post about niche selection.

I am new to blogging and I know it took me some time to figure out what my niche would be. Sometimes the niche I would select would be too broad and other times it would seem narrow and I wasn’t sure if products in that category would have sufficient demand.

I finally identified the Spirituality/Meditation niche.

I also like that you mentioned Google Trends as a way to identify ideas that are currently trending or are expected to trend in the future.

I wish you all the best 🙂


Oct 21.2018 | 08:08 pm


    Hello Vik. Well, you are proof that anyone can find a niche, and it can be anything you are passionate about.

    I am glad you could pick a thing or two from this article, and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


    Oct 22.2018 | 10:39 am


This is how to choose your niche is a great article is really informative I wish you had a written it 2 months ago. I am new to affiliate marketing and my first website I built. I really didn’t have a clear understanding of what a niche was so I was pretty much writing articles on different topics but not around the same area. Until I got a comment one day asking me what was my Niche and what was I doing.

This article really puts how to choose a niche in the right perspective.

Thank you again for this wonderful article I really appreciate it.

Oct 21.2018 | 08:13 pm


    Hi, thank you  very much Quinn. It makes me happy that you now understand your niche, and you have been able to find your place with your online business. 

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Oct 22.2018 | 10:44 am



these are some nice insights! You really explained in details what is niche andthe importance of it. I agree with you that money can be earned from any niche,it is just choosing the right one for more income. Definitely it would be bestif a person chose a niche that she/he loves, is passionate about and that willalways be trendy. It isn’t easy to grow business for every niche, but I think themost important thing is to choose the one thing you love and to dedicate timein blog/site, social media and use also any other methods that will share and ’multiply’your product name.



Oct 21.2018 | 08:42 pm


    What you have said is very true, niches like gossip and fashion trends are easier to grow than niches like meditation and the likes. Thanks for your contribution Strahinja.

    Oct 22.2018 | 10:53 am


Thanks for this article.

This is one of the most challenging parts of marketing: choosing what to sell.

It is such a good idea you suggested, making a list of things I am interested in. Most people have at least 2 or 3 things that interest them. It does not have to be a current activity, just something you would like to write about.

You suggest picking a niche that is trending and has a sizeable amount of searches. How can we judge that?

Are there some typical sizes of appropriate search numbers?

I can see what you mean about the competition. How can we judge what sort of competition we might have?

Great article, got me thinking hard here.

Oct 21.2018 | 10:34 pm


    Hi. What I mean by picking a niche that is trending is to pick something long lasting, for example, if you choose to pick a niche about an event that happens once in a few years, you can expect that there won’t be so much traffic from that when the event has passed. But if you pick something evergreen, something people always talk about, your search traffic will remain on the high side.

    I mentioned using google trends to determine the trends of a niche over some past years, and the competition in the niche.

    Oct 22.2018 | 11:03 am

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