Once the process of creating a website and posting some content has been sorted, the next thing a webmaster thinks about is how to get visitors to their site, in internet marketing terms “drive traffic to their site”. Driving traffic to a site is the step that leads headlong into monetizing a website, and with that in mind, I want to share smart SEO strategies that works every time for me.


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If you don’t already know what SEO is, or aren’t sure about what exactly it is about, you can read up on what is SEO? 

There are a number of SEO techniques that webmasters use, some webmasters employ individuals and companies to handle their website SEO. Webmasters need to be careful the type of SEO they use in trying to improve their site rank, because there are certain methods used that Google is against, and when those methods are employed, the website can be penalized.

SEO is divided into On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. Under off-site SEO, I want to discuss linking, because you will be finding out soon how important linking is, and how to use it smartly. I will be classifying a few other off-site SEO strategies under linking for better understanding.


The reason I have classified some other SEO strategies that work under linking is because, in the end, the goal is to direct as many people to your website as possible, and the easiest way to do that is to include links to your website in as many platforms as you possibly can.



“Linking is a key SEO technique, as every link to your site is a vote in your favor, telling search engines that your site has good content, and is good enough to be visited”.

Links are the ways by which visitors are directed to your website, it’s a very easy one click process. Linking is one great way to drive lots of traffic to your site. Imagine you saw a joke and you wanted to share it with family and friends, let’s say you saw plenty jokes where you found the first one, most people wouldn’t want to begin to copy and paste the jokes to friends and family, they most probably will go “hey check out this site where I found this outrageously funny jokes on jokes.com. Or someone found an answer to a question they’re having a debate about or something, linking is the way they direct people to the place they found their answers.


One important thing you should note and always bear in mind is that your links should look as natural as natural can look. To make your links look as natural as possible, you need to do these 2 things.

Link Diversity:

This means that your incoming links are from different sources. It will be okay if you have 5-10 links from a forum, that looks natural enough, but if about 1,000 links which is all the links your site has, are all coming from a forum, that looks totally unnatural, and that is one of the bad SEO strategies. Also not all incoming links you create should be directed at your homepage, some should be directed to different content on your website.

Anchor Text:

This is the text used to wrap a link. For example, it is good that webmasters are aware of how to manage a website. How to manage a website is the anchor text, the real hyperlink leading to the content is wrapped in that text. Link to your website with several anchor texts, that way, your links look natural.

There are different types of links, or should I say different ways to create links, and all of them are very important. I’ll start with-


Internal Linking

Internal linking is done on your website itself, by linking one content to another relevant content on your website. The importance of internal linking is it keeps visitors on your site longer, and that is very important. So let’s say someone searches for “how to bake cakes”, you should be able to create a link to another article on your website talking about maybe making cupcakes, or how to make chocolate cakes. You know, something relevant to what they have searched for and are reading, that way they can easily click the link and be directed to another article on your site, and that’s a vote in your favor.


External Linking/Backlinking

There are a number of ways to do external linking. While internal linking will keep visitors on your site, external links bring them to your site. I am going to talk about 3 ways you can do external linking. It wouldn’t look natural to Google if all your links came from only one source.


Forum Posting:

Join a niche relevant forum. The good thing about this is that on most forums, there is a signature box where you can add a link to your website. So search for forums that are relevant to your niche, and are still functioning properly with a large number of daily users, sign up with them, and create your profile. Don’t immediately add your link so you don’t look spammy, and get banned. Answer questions on the forum, and answer them genuinely, offer help to those that you can, post answers on these forums several times in 2 weeks, then you can add your site link in the signature box. That way, when you answer questions correctly and sincerely help people, they most probably will go to your profile and check for info about you, and there they will also find a link to your website. See? Natural!


Guest Posting:

This simply means posting on someone else’s website as a guest, just as the name implies. The reason you should guest post is that it is usually a win-win situation for you and the webmaster you are guest posting for. Look for authority sites in your niche, and send a request to the webmaster, asking them to let you write a high quality guest post for them free of charge, and in exchange, they let you include a link to your site. This is important and efficient because if the content you write is indeed very good, it will pique the mind of their audience, and when they click the link in the article, they will be directed to your website, and some of them will become your subscribers and frequent visitors. Bottom line is, you are driving traffic.


Social Sharing:

Social sharing simply means sharing your content on social media. You can share a link to something you wrote or did on your site to your social media account. Adding a plugin that allows people share your content directly from your site is also a good idea.


SEO is very important to building your website, and trust me, it works. All you need is to apply those steps accordingly. If you have any question about any of the steps above, or want to share your own smart SEO strategies that works, leave a comment below.
Good luck!