As you most probably know already, there are different ways to make money online, the fast track ways that don’t require you to have a site or anything like that e.g online surveys, working on Fiverr, Freelancing, etc and the more passive ways that require building and driving traffic.Making money online affiliate marketing is one of ways to make money online that requires building a website and driving taffic. It is arguably the most productive site monetization strategy.


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Don’t you fret thinking affiliate marketing is one great technical term you have to tackle again no no no! Affiliate marketing is quite simple. It is simply one of the monetization strategies that website owners use to monetize their site, and there are lots of arguments saying making money online affiliate marketing is the best monetization strategy there is so far.

Affiliate marketing is the way you (affiliate)  promote products and services online for businesses and individuals, in exchange for a % commission for each sale you make. See? Easy peasy. Just look at it the same way marketing and sales is done in the real world where people sell for individuals or companies and get paid on commission. The same is being replicated in the online world, and it is way easier.


How Affiliate Marketing Works

To become a productive and successful affiliate, you need to know the role you play, and the process of earning.

Like we have already established, Affiliate Marketing involves promoting other people’s products or services, and getting paid on based on commission per sale you make.

You can do this through Affiliate Programs. There are thousands of Affiliate programs available for you to join, thousands of programs for every niche.

Join at least Two Affiliate Programs

You have to register with a niche relevant Affiliate Program. Amazon is still the biggest online market, and has several Affiliate programs, they pay their affiliates a 6% base commission and volume based performance bonuses. To get other affiliate programs that are niche relevant, search in Google: your niche + affiliate marketing.

You immediately get search results showing several pages of affiliate programs you can promote. Once you sign up, you get access to a huge number of products to promote on your site.



 Get Your Unique Affiliate Link

After you have registered for an affiliate program, a unique link is assigned to YOU as their affiliate. It is with this link that company can track the referrals and sales coming from your site, it will be recognized that those traffic are from you, and you get the credit for it. There is no mistaking it, the link is peculiar to you alone.

A visitor comes to your site >>> They click your affiliate link >>> They buy something from the company >>> YOU get the commission for what was bought.

Put the Affiliate Link On Your Site

To put the link on your website, use a text link. Go to the content on your site that is relevant to the product you want to refer a visitor to, highlight a text you want to wrap your link in, and click on the link button. When the edit link comes up, add the affiliate link you want to refer them to, then update. The text you wrapped the link in will turn blue to show that it is a link.

Once you have done all this, you have to republish the post so the link can go live and be seen by all your visitors, and you begin to get credit for all the referrals and sales that come from that link.

So really, that is the basis of Affiliate marketing. If you haven’t joined any affiliate program probably because you did not know how to go about it, now you have the info, go ahead and join, and start earning that revenue.

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