A domain name is the name of any website combined with the extensions .com, .org, .net, etc. It is the web address internet users use to access a website.

Domain name: deniafe.com

URL: https://deniafe.com/

When starting a blog, it is important to choose the right domain name for your online business. Choosing a domain name should not be a difficult thing, but since there are more blog owners every day, each one choosing a domain name, it seems as though there are no more easy and interesting domain names to pick from.

People sometimes pick domain names without a clue how, and they end up picking a wrong one, which makes them feel bad. Picking the wrong domain name can negatively affect organic traffic, so I want to share a few tips on how to choose the right domain name for your blog. One that feels and sounds right to you.

First let’s discuss a few characteristics of a good domain name

A Good Domain Name is Short

There is usually no definite number of characters a domain name should have, but 10 is just fine, 20 is a little long and it really shouldn’t exceed that. But always remember, “the shorter the better”. One (1) word domains are superb, two (2) is fine, three (3) is okay… do I need to tell you it shouldn’t go beyond 3?

A Good Domain Name is Easy to Remember

Only a few internet users use bookmarks, most just memorize the name of a site they really love, and type in the address when they want to visit the site. Keeping your domain name simple and easy to remember is important.

A Good Domain Name is Easy to Spell

Imagine your users getting the landing on another page just because your domain name is difficult to spell and they misspelled. Try not to use words or languages or strange combinations of letters in your domain name.

A Good Domain Name has a .com Extension

I know it is difficult to find a domain name with a .com extension, and most organizations prefer to register with a .org domain name, but really, a .com extension is the best way to go. The first time a visitor comes to your site, they will usually pay more attention to the name of your site, and not the extension. The next time they want to visit your site, they will most probably type in the name of your site then add a .com extension. A .com extension is the most popular, try to use that.

A Good Domain Name is Brandable

Brandable domain names have a nice pronunciation and an interesting combination of letters, it helps visitors associate that name with your website and your content.

A Good Domain Name Does not Contain Numbers or Hyphens

Numbers can easily confuse a visitor’s spelling, for example, typing fivestar.com instead of 5star.com



Choose the Right Domain Name For Your Blog

Make a List of Potential Domain Names

Don’t stop at one, write out about five, test how each one sounds to you, and the meaning it conveys, ask family and friends what they think about it.

Consider Using Your Name

I suggest weighing the option of registering your name as your site domain name. This is especially insightful if you intend to expand your business into as many spheres as possible, making it a household name. For example if you are a writer and aspire to become a bestseller, using your name as your blog domain name is helpful.

If your name is difficult to spell or pronounce, you can use a nickname or combine 2 of your names into something that has a nice ring to it. The domain name of this blog is deniafe.com, Deniafe is a combination of two (2) of my names.

Don’t Box Yourself In

Don’t use a name that boxes you in, and might hinder you from expanding if you want to do so later. For example, using a domain name like tableknives.com is boxing you in, you just might want to expand beyond table knives into other types of knives.

Don’t use a String of Words

If you are interested in a list of things, and you want your domain name to tell people what your blog is about, you might think of putting words together tablepenbutcherknives.com. Don’t do anything like that, you can instead go for something like allaboutknives.com.

Check the Availability on Other Social Media Platforms

Check as many social media platforms as you intend to use, to make sure that the domain name you want to use is available on those platforms as well. It speaks well for you if the same name on your blog is the same on Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media platform you are using, and it will make your name more memorable.

Make Sure the Domain Name is Available

Before finally buying a domain name, make sure it is available. There are a number of tools too use to check, one of them is Namechk.

Don’t overstress the process of picking a domain, using the tips above, you should be fine. See you on my next article!