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When deciding on a career, this is one of the major things to look out for. It plays a huge role in determining whether a particular career is fit for you, especially at some peculiar stages in life. Yes, finding fulfillment in your job is important, but so is meeting up with paying the bills. And so if you have an inclination to delve into freelance writing, it is only natural that you ask yourself how much do freelance writers make? Since you would be joining the society, it is good to know how much shot you have at making money at your chosen field.

So to answer the question how much do freelance writers make? Honestly, let me tell you, it is hard to pin down a figure. Even white collar jobs with monthly pay vary with companies, how much more freelance writing.


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The thing is that in freelance writing, there are variables to consider: like your portfolio, and how much you pitch for projects, because you have to pitch, I mean if you don’t market yourself and your capabilities, no one will know what you are capable of, so I daresay that pitching and marketing are two of the variables to consider with the question how much do freelancers make. To know and understand more about these variables and some pay and charging rates, check out Freelance writing pay rates: How much should I charge?


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According to the State of Freelance Writing 2017…

The Average Freelance Writer:

  • Makes 10k or less annually
  • Works 20 hours or less weekly
  • Loves choosing where to work, picking projects, and setting schedules
  • Doesn’t like a hard time finding work
  • Will still be writing over 5 years from now…
  • …Despite the ever growing freelance writing competitions
  • Most common projects are blog posts, magazine articles, proofreading and cooywriting.

The Top Notch Freelance Writer

  • Makes over 40k, sometimes double and more annually
  • Works no less than 30 hours weekly
  • Finds clients through networking and word of mouth
  • Has been freelance writing for more than 5 years
  • Has a blog and occasionally posts on website
  • Most common projects involve copywriting and editing.


So in  the end, from the stats above the real question should not be how much do freelance writers make? The question should be how much will I make as a Freelance Writer? Because in the end, it all depends on how much work you are willing to put into it, how much you are willing to fight and make your mark in the freelance writer’s industry.

Answer these question:
How badly do I want to do this?
What is my take home goal?
This will help you keep things in perspective. Go ahead and drop your comments or questions in the comment box.


paola mesber

Hello there ,
I hope you’re having a great day.
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Thanks for helping freelancers everywhere,

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    Well done Paola. I have been to the site and I must say that the content is really wholesome.

    Mar 05.2019 | 10:36 am


Insightful post! I have thought about freelance writing but need far more contacts and exposure than I currently have.

Apr 18.2019 | 08:06 am

Doreen Pendgracs

Hi Debbie. I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 and have done all sorts of work. You definitely make more if you focus on corporate work. But it is far less fun! When I worked more hours, I earned much more income. But for the past 10 years, I’ve been building my brand as an author, writer, and blogger specializing in chocolate travel. So I’ve put less emphasis on volume versus targeted content.

Apr 18.2019 | 02:20 pm

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