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Hi there. I am glad you are considering starting or have decided to start a blog. Believe you me, there is a world of endless possibilities for you to explore, and this is just the foundation of it all, starting you off on the right path on the best way to make a free blog. Before we delve into how to go about making a free blog, you should know that blogging for any reason at all requires investments (time and resource) which is why it is best to start on the right track, so that those investments can begin to pay off as soon as you begin to monetize your website.

I strongly recommend that you create your blog with WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging platform, just like Blogger (owned by Google) and Tumblr. Except that WordPress is in two ways. There is, and there is is absolutely free. The web hosting is taken care of by WordPress themself, and your domain name will be If you want to remove the wordpress in your domain name and use only, you have to pay for an upgrade.



While is good, it is not the best option for anyone that has the intention to go full time blogging, and monetize their site, there are limitations that come with it, because in actual sense, the blog does not entirely belong to you, I mean it is hosted by WordPress, even the domain name is from WordPress, and so your blog can be shut down at WordPress whim, and you can do nothing about it. That is way too dangerous for a blogging business. is also known as a self-hosted WordPress. For anyone intending to go into full-time blogging, using makes more sense because it is free to use, you can customize your site design, install plugins, and more importantly, make money from your website without any limitations.

Check out the difference, pros and cons between and



According to WordPress, WordPress is free because it is self-hosted. So you will be needing a domain name, and web hosting.

Domain Name

A domain name is your site address in the online world. is an example of a site address (domain name), is my website address, which is my domain name.

Web Host

Web hosting is where your site lives on the internet, your site’s house. Every website requires web-hosting.

Per year, a domain name usually costs $14.99, and web hosting $7.99 monthly.

That sounds like a lot to invest yeah? And so because of this, WordPress has an agreement with Bluehost, the official WordPress recommended hosting provider to give free domain names to users, and about 60% off on web hosting, in exchange for a little commission to WordPress purse. So if you are going to get your domain name and web hosting, go through a WordPress platform for this amazing discount. I think that it’s a win win.



Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting company there is, they started in 1996, and are hosting millions of websites including WordPress.

So, this is my way of pushing you in the right direction, there are of course other options to help you start your blog, but then ultimately it is your decision. If you have any questions, or need any help,feel free to as in the comments section below.







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