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I know you have read lots of people tell stories about how they were broke and started making money online after one month of blogging; well that is their story, but the reality is it doesn’t work that way for the majority of us even though we want it to.

My search for making money online began some 8 years ago. I did not start out blogging, I started out trying lots of other stuff, in which I was scammed a lot of times, and the times I wasn’t scammed, I couldn’t find a way to receive my payment because my country is one of those barred from many online opportunities. If you are from one of the top notch countries, you don’t know the privilege you have.

Over the years, while I did many trials and fails, I have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience. I have long since learned to code, do CPA marketing, Affiliate marketing, and last year blogging. My blogging experience hasn’t been smooth, there’s a whole lot top bloggers don’t tell you, but I have been able to pull through. I have a dogged spirit, and with help from mentors like Matthew Woodward, I have learned and applied a lot that is paying off.

I am building an online empire teaching others how to make money online. I believe that we rise by lifting others.

Join me in my quest to teach others to make money online.