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It is already an established fact that picking a domain name is one of the key decisions any blogger will make in starting their blog, and yes one can make a mistake in picking a domain name.

From the history of domain names, I have decided to put together a list of domain names gone wrong, that are real funny, but will solidify the fact that domain names should be carefully and skillfully chose.

NB: Some of these sites have changed their domain names, so if you want to visit any of these sites, you might get redirected. Others have been abandoned, bottom line; have a little laugh and learn.


This reads its-crap, but they actually meant IT-Scrap



I’m sure you see chooses-pain, but they were only trying to tell you to Choose-Spain


Oh no, it is not what you read, it is children’s-wear.




You really need to stop thinking that way and see things from a different perspective. That is


I’m definitely not gone, they however have a business named amigone-funeral-home.


American metals are not crap, they were talking about american-scrap-metal.


The one i’ll building? Something’s off, oh! The-O’neill-Building.


Speedo fart or speed-of-art


This right here is the longest domain name, and the name of a Welsh town. Were you able to pronounce that? Cos I wasn’t.


What??? Who wants to look at that, we’d rather go for 80’s-hits.


They say it’s Analemma and not what your mind is thinking.


Did you guess it right? It’s your man Ben-Dover.


This is Dickson Web, and not…




Oh no they don’t! All they do is Kids-Exchange.


They have nothing to with sexuality, they are Les Bocages.


We definitely don’t want to listen to shitty music, we want to hear Mp3’s-Hit songs.


I know you got this already, Winter’s-Express.


What you read is not what they do, they are actually therapist-finder.


They are not the-rapist, they are therapist.




I am sure you know by now that they are therapist-in-a-box.


Not whore-presents, but who-represents.


The new stalker in town? We don’t want that, but the-news-talker, that’s our guy.


Not teacher-stalking, but teachers-talking.


They are the Powergen Italia.

25. Odd-Sex-Tractor? I don’t even want to know what that is. Odds-extractor however I can relate with.


It’s not what you think it is, it is mole-station-nursery


La-drape is what they really mean.


Sighs, please understand that it’s Gaya-design.


It was supposed to read Ferreth-and-jobs.




I had help to understand this so I’ll help you too; Big-Bus-Tycoons.


Hire-a-tease? No, they meant Hire-at-ease


They did not say got-a-hoe-north, they said Go Tahoe North.


Swiss Bit. .ch is only their domain extension.


I have no business with old-man-shaven, but I know the old-man’s haven.



Via-grafix. These guys were good until a blue pill hit the market


No, they don’t auction shit. This is an ebay competition site that wanted to name the name Auction Hits, but got what you read.


Who cares to see what that looks like? These guys actually run a scaffold company where they erect and dismantle scaffolds. Apparently they thought having a mammoth as their signa was a good idea.


Web-One. They are an Australian ISP company.

So there you have it. With this, I hope you take picking your domain name seriously, possibly have someone pronounce it before finally purchasing it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Now go ahead and share to educate and make your friends laugh.








Great content and Information. Thanks for this concise and thorough articleThis is a great and simple to follow guide on picking domain names. You laid it all out clearly and showed examples that helped emphasize your various points.

I have bookmarked the article so I can show it to my team. This will be a subject for professional development meetings we have regularly, and the article will be useful for discussion. Thanks for your effort putting this together, you did well with the subject matter!

Mar 06.2019 | 08:45 am


    Thank you. Glad you found this article useful.

    Mar 06.2019 | 11:26 am


Indeed an excellent article to cheer up my morning. The names are specific, but if you read the names from a different angle, you will burst in laughing.

I admit that choosing a good domain name is an important step when starting a blog. I remember when I enter in the blogging scene, I’ve selected a domain name which was long and I ended up not liking it. But I learned from my mistakes.

Mar 06.2019 | 08:48 am


    Nice Danny, glad you could find something to laugh about.

    It’s also good to know you learned from a past mistake. I’m sure you are doing very well now.

    Mar 06.2019 | 11:31 am


Hi Debbie, picking a domain name can be a herculean task especially for first time bloggers (speaking from experience), in the sense that one can make a mistake just like you rightly said. I have on several occasions been re-directed to another domain as a result of change in domain while some has truly been abandoned. I really had a good laugh at Itscrap. looking at the site, you will easily think it is crap. Wow, the number two is quite hilarious. Oh my God, the list is endless, it is a laughing galore, thanks dear for making me laugh. I utterly enjoyed myself reading your post.

Mar 06.2019 | 08:54 am


    Hi Gracen. Thanks for reading and having a good time while at it. Everyone who has had to pick a domain name knows just how stressful it can be. It will be worth the stress if the guidelines to picking a domain name are followed.

    Mar 06.2019 | 11:35 am


Debbie, I laughed and laughed.  Thank you for this amusing post.  

I do agree that domain names are incredibly important since they are the persona you will be using to interact with other people.  The good domain name helps you reach out to people who are looking for you.  It’s a signal that you have something they want.  

And you’re right — it’s a very good idea to have someone else read that clever name you chose back to you OUT LOUD before you purchase it.  It’s so easy to get locked-in on just one way of seeing a string of letters, which leads to the kinds of situations you highlighted.  

Mar 06.2019 | 08:55 am


    Right! Thank you Netta. You have made a very solid point with your comment. Glad you found the article amusing.

    Mar 06.2019 | 11:37 am


This was a really fun read because I am a great laugh and I am actually laughing now as I type this. Some of these guys totally got their domain names wrong and they would definitely mislead a lot of people based on how their domain name reads and sounds. Good thing some of them have changed the names and I just wonder what the others are waiting for.

Mar 06.2019 | 09:03 am


    Well, maybe they still enjoy the attention the domain name brings them. Either ways, one should go for a domain that properly introduces you.

    Mar 06.2019 | 11:55 am


Thank you for sharing this post on 40 Creative Domain Name Ideas that went South. You have share information with us, we will always appreciate. The 40 domain names listed on your post makes me laugh, very funny names. Your content gives readers to think very carefully before we can choose our domain names. 

I want to know what and how to choose domain name because I’m new to this.

Thanks once again.

Mar 06.2019 | 09:08 am


    Hi Mary, I have an article that gives specific steps on how to go about choosing a domain name, if after reading it you still need some insight, we can discuss privately. Check my article

    Mar 06.2019 | 11:43 am

LeNard Simmons

Thank you, Deniafe, for sharing this funny post, 40 creative domain name Ideas that went south. I read every one of them.>> Right off the back, number 1 got me laughing. But the more I read, I laughed. There are a few in this post that made me say no they didn’t.>>A couple of times I’ve misspelled the domain name I purchased. Because I didn’t check the correct spelling before hitting the submit button, I was stuck with them. One worked out the other went south.>> ~LeNard

Mar 06.2019 | 09:25 am


    Aww, I’m sorry about the domain that went south. I can imagine the look on your face seeing some of those domains and sayin “no they didn’t”.

    Thanks for reading LeNard.

    Mar 06.2019 | 11:46 am


You bet, a domain name could either make or break your chances of building an authority online that’s why it’s very important to go with domain names that are not only catchy but one that is readable. I took me weeks to come up with a domain name for my websites.

While some of these domain names on your list aren’t that bad, the problem is how they’re to be read. Penisland dot net? Ha ha ha! I can’t blame people for thinking that this site is … you know … what they might think it is. I tried to figure out number 9, the longest domain name, can’t read read or pronounce it. 

By the way, in the event that I might have to change my domain name, what could be the worse thing that will happen is as far as traffic is concerned?

Mar 06.2019 | 10:04 am


    Yeah, those guys were trying to be creative with their domain names, but it didn’t turn out too well. 

    Well, when there’s a change in domain name, there will definitely be a drop in traffic until the whole redirecting is sorted out, and your users realize that it is still you, with another name.

    Mar 06.2019 | 11:52 am


It is frustrating, when you go to site with their known name, and being redirecting to another. Even the site name sounds odd, as not pertaining to the site contents. I wouldn’t know if the site owners didn’t get it right before choosing a domain name. Am a victim of some, which I may not be able to mention here. Not only that you get redirectrd when accessing them but also filled with some annoying ads that even hinders your smooth navigation on the site. I would suggest that site owner should take their time to compare and contrast and come up with a unique domain name that carry the aim of their site, it may be just a word reflecting the meaning of the site operations. For example Mp3shit owner can initially go with rapgenre as their domain name i.e (rap genre), simple and concise instead of changing it later when they realized some defects. Hope the post actually enlightened us. Big thanks to Debbie.

Mar 06.2019 | 10:36 am


    Thanks for your comment Topaz.

    Mar 06.2019 | 11:53 am


Aww, all this domain requires one’s intelligence to grab them o. Unbelievable. The domain names found  almost got me confused. It’s quite funny though.Thanks for this information. There are some sites here  am just seeing. Let me use this opportunity to check them out and see what they offer.

Back to the fact. When trying to create a site, the domain name is a very important thing to consider. One time glance at a domain name can give us quick gist on what they are into. When you choose a fake name, people might actually thing the site content is fake. Some site name has been changed after realizing that the name does not suit the site again. This review is awesome and funny.

Mar 06.2019 | 11:55 am


    True, one glance at a domain name can help a visitor decide if he wants to proceed to the site and what they are into. For those that use domain names that don’t suit their site, they most probably will experience a high percentage of bounce rates.

    Mar 06.2019 | 12:01 pm

Doreen Pendgracs

Great post. It is indeed so important to think carefully about the domain name for one’s site. As you’ve pointed out, we can sure make unintentional errors that close our door to success or prevent us from reaching the right audience.

Mar 07.2019 | 04:06 pm


    Thank you Doreen!

    Mar 13.2019 | 10:23 am

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