Hello there! If you are reading this, then it’s legit, you really want to make money online, and you want to know how to go about it. And that’s why I am right here, to show you the way, hold your hands while you carry your first steps, give you tips on making money online.

There are several ways to make money online, but for the sake of you, so as not to confuse you so much, and help you come to a quick decision, I am going to divide all those ways, and make them 2 tips on making money online. I am going to try to make the 2 tips cover most of the ways to make money online and what you require to make that possible.



I know I said 2 tips, but then I want you to choose wisely and do the best thing for you, and because of that, I want you to know that: “To make any major financial breakthroughs in the online world, you need to have a website/blog. That is the foundation of any online empire you see today”. To know about how to create your website, go here. To create your own website automatically, with your hosting taken care of, and to start building your online empire, join the train of like-minded people on Wealthy Affiliate.

So here we go…

    1. The Short-Term Methods

The short term method is a quick one, it does not involve much stress. They are easy peasy jobs anyone can do to earn some quick dough. Jobs like

  • Online Surveys
  • Review websites and apps
  • Proof read documents
  • Sell Photos
  • Work as a mock juror
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Gigs on Fiverr


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I am not going to expound on those points because I am going to make a point, but if you really want to give this a try, and you want more information, you can read up on easiest ways to make money online.

If you are looking to make money quickly, to get out of a stranded situation, you should definitely go for any of these. But the reason why I have tagged them as short term is, seriously, you couldn’t possibly do this for the rest of your life. Yes they pay, but just well enough to get you a few dollars, if you are really serious about the job and put in a lot of hours, you can make a few hundred dollars, but that can’t be the case forever. If you are a student and you are doing this, it’s okay, but what happens when a family starts coming into the picture, when expectations and pressure to do better are high?

    2. The Long-Term Methods


For this reason I recommend the 2nd tip:

The reason why I have called this long term is not because the process is necessarily long, but the income will keep coming in for a long time, and not just in a few hundred dollars, but thousands of dollars. I am talking about online jobs like:

  • Blogging
  • Freelance Jobs (that includes freelance writing, graphic designs and other jobs that require some skill)
  • Affiliate Marketing


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To know more about the long-term tips on making money online, for blogging check here, for freelancing read up here, and for Affiliate marketing, read “Affiliate Marketing: How it Works“. The ones I mentioned are only a few among the passive ways of making money online.

One thing common to these long term methods is that you need a website to run them. Like I established earlier in the article, a website is required if you want a long lasting passive income online. And you need to be ready to make investments in your website, to nurture and build it, because it will be worth it, it will generate more revenue than you invest, and for a long time coming.

Now the ball is in your court. Even if you decide to do the short-term methods for quick fixes, you can still work alongside on the long-term method to build up your own business.

If you have any questions, or are confused about anything, go ahead and ask.